STYLE CHALLENGE | Two - The Tropical Aladdin Jumper

STYLE CHALLENGE | Two - The Tropical Aladdin Jumper

Our second style challenge was even bigger and better than the first!  The outfit that arrived in the mystery style challenge box was this Tropical Backless Jumper.  

Desert Republic Style Challenge - Backless Tropical Jumper



We had 11 Challengers for Box Two from all over the USA. Totally over 3000 votes it got a little crazy over on our @desertrepublic Instagram Page! But soo much fun too!

We loved seeing all of the different ways the photographers shot their models in the outfit. This is what makes it fun.  PLUS seeing the different accessories added to see how differently the clothing can be worn is such an extra bonus.  


Now for our winner -   SUSAN GIETKA

Susan owns Susan Grace Photography in Hammonton, New Jersey.  You can find her amazing images on her website-

And all her latest session work on social media-

and drool worthy dance images on her dance Instagram-




Susan's model for her Style Challenge was Vianna Palmieri - 

Extra fun session facts - Susan also does pro hair and makeup so she did this gorgeous tropical eye on Vianna to make her eyes pop!  

PS-To Susan's neighbors — you know who you are-a BIG THANKS from Susan, and from us for letting her use your property for this challenge.  It was perfection!

Til next time - challenge yourself!

Cheers! Wendy


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